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Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!
Please please please please update the column view on Contacts so it is more dynamic and sophisticated!!! Only have 2 options and 4 basic columns is so rudamentary!
I am going to be heavily using custom fields and it would be super helpful if I could add them as needed to make a custom online view vs. having to export them to look at them and having only 2 canned view options.

Please add a column for each contact's job description within an email list.

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It would be helpful to allow us to choose which 4 fields (if we must be constrained to 4) we can see and sort on when viewing contacts.  I have no use for company name and little use for source.

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Would appreciate being able to create custom view to include user defined contact descriptors on contact "views" bar.

When uploading an excel spreadsheet with contact information and I change the column headers for referencing purposes, they should remain. Instead, the column headers in CC are default headers and perhaps those fields are not what I need when I am looking to select e-mail participants. I know that the fields populate when you open the individual record but to go through each individual record to read select information is cumbersome. It would be nice to be able to set our own column headers on the Contact Management page. 


It would be very helpful to have a sort feature with each column along with being able to edit each contact without having to sort all over again, "continuous editing "
It would be nice to be able to go to a contact list in the contact manager and see which contacts have a certain tag or which contact bounce in that list.
There needs be to a way to view the Tags of contacts when you're looking at a list. Right now you have to click on the contact individually to see the tags. I want to be able to go into a list, e.g. "March 2018 Leads," and see which ones are tagged as "opened email 1" or whatever.
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Hello @EdA3,


Thank you for bringing this up and I will definitely pass along your feedback to be able to see that upon list view.

For now, you should be able to see these contacts by using the Advanced Search on our Contacts page:


I would recommend setting it to "List is March 2018 Leads" then add another row and set that to "Tags is opened email 1". This should filter your results to show only contacts who have all criteria met.

It would be helpful to have a sortable column showing the dates individuals unsubscribed. The list of the unsubscribed would be more useful then.
In the Contacts view, it would be helpful to be able to choose which columns to show. I want to show name, email, and birthdate. I have to put birthdate into the company column because that is showing.

I accidentally deleted my current campaign......what do I do. I just sent out 927 emails.

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How do I get Name and address information from my contact list?

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It would be really great if you could expand the contact list column so you could see the full name. It would also be great if you could add an Email Status column when viewing the contacts under a list. Thanks for your consideration.

In Contact Management, can I customize my columns to see my additional fields instead of the standard 2 options of viewing?

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Hello @StephenW94708,


Thank you for submitting this feedback! At this time this is not an option in our product, however the engineering team is working on implementing this in the future. I do not have an official time frame for this but will track this request until then.


Yes please! This should be a really easy feature to add, and would be extremely helpful.

Is there a way to copy and paste more than just name, email and 2 descriptors? There should be more columns to add more descriptors. If i were to type in an address this would take a minimum of 5 descriptors (address line 1, city, state, zip code, country).

Below are the view options when I open the Contacts tab.


Choose your view

      Name, Email, Company, City/State

     Name, Email, Date Added, Source


 I would like to be able to choose from a drop down what data element is displayed within each of the four columns that appear when I open the contacts page.


In fact a few days ago, I was able to change the content of tow of the columns (I  chose "Name, email, job title, company".  


Either there is a way to choose the columns but I forgot how to do it, or the option has been removed


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I think it would be extremely helpful if we can be able to view and sort by tag or the custom field we create. It's a little ineffective to create a custom field in a list and then not be able to see it at a glance and have to click into each person to see it. For example, I'll have lists with multiple tags. 

All customers should have the ability to customize their dashboards to change headers allowing them to sort and view by THEIR businesses needs. I've uploaded all the custom headers in my initial DB and cannot view any of them except with a tedious custom search, which by the way does NOT allow me to see said fields. As large as you are, it's confusing why your system cannot accommodate this. I'll hold off a full subscription until that takes place. Feel free to call if you need more feedback.
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It would be helpful if you add a column to the Contact List that lists the Tags associated with each contact.
Is there a way to view engagement column on all contacts? Emails are being entered by and I can't tell if they have all been properly labeled, so I can I check?
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Hello @Dahlma-Llanos-Figueroa_Author ,


Thank you for reaching out! At this time there is no way to change the column under Contacts to show the Engagement History without clicking into the contact directly. I've added your post for voting and passed along to our engineers.

Would it be possible to add additional or optional columns to the contacts view page. For example, I would like to be able to see: Name, Email and Birthday/ Anniversaries on the contacts home page. This would be a helpful sorting option as well
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When you are looking at a contact list, the on-screen columns need far more information. Specifically, the contact list should show:


1. Every list the person is on

2. Every tag the person is associated with

3. Allow sorting and filtering on said lists and tags

4. Allow multi-select action on said lists and tags


Since that's not happening, does anyone have a good way to clean up a list?  That is, I have people who have landed on multiple lists and have multiple tags. I want to find them (in bunches, not one at a time over 30,000 names) and I want to un-check them from various lists and tags and apply it all at once. 


E.g. I have Lists A B C. I want to:


1. Open up List A

2. See everyone on List A that is also on List B or C

3. Remove them from Lists B and C


Same thing with tags. 


I'd rather not have to download and upload fifty spreadsheets. This should be doable with about five clicks, but it's not.  I thought the Manage Tags option was the solution, but it only works on single contacts at a time as far as I can tell, and hence it's useless. Any ideas?  


I imported a list with zip codes but now I cannot figure out how to sort my list by zip code. We have 9 locations and I would like to send emails to zips within each location.

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Hello @BrianS7168 ,


I agree and apologize this is not easier to accomplish. We have work being done to make things like this easier, including a new Contacts Redesign that we are currently Beta testing. When the redesign is fully launched, we will have the ability to manage Tags in bulk and it should be a bit easier to target contacts on multiple lists.


In the meantime there isn't a great workaround for finding who those contacts are without using Excel, however if the end goal is to remove List A from Lists B and C, you can go into List A > check off all the names > Manage Lists > Remove from Lists and this will give you the option to choose which lists you want to remove the selected contacts from (Lists B and C in your case). You won't know WHO it affected but you'll know that there is definitely no one in List A that are also in Lists B or C anymore.


If this does not help, you can also give a call to our Support Team and they are more than happy to help clean out lists with you or provide real time workarounds that may suit your specific needs! Hopefully when the redesign is out, this will no longer be a pain point. Thank you again for the feedback!

It would help me to see all Email Lists of each contact in "Choose your view." Now we have, in "Contact Management," "Choose your view:" * Name, Email, Company, City/State * Name, Email, Date Added, Source I suggest you add: * Name, Email, Email Lists
Would love to be able to see what lists a contact is on from the main contact view list, or be able to easily sort out which contacts are on multiple lists.
I would like to be able to see different fields in the contact list than the default. My list is for a club, so I need to know when the membership is about to expire. I don't care when they were added. Is that available or is it something you can add?
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I had to download all my lists and clean them up in a spreadsheet on my desktop. A simple task like ensuring no duplicates between email lists took a day. I already hear you chirping in and saying but we don't duplicate emails for a contact. YES only if I send out one huge email using all the lists. I send out an email with a salesperson's individual name to their individual email list (the optimum way). There may be duplicates between salespeople's email list (is that surprising?) . Your duplication tools DID NOT MEET my needs. I tried and had to ask for someone to reset my contacts. OBTW they waited two days and reset it back to the wrong lists.

Hi @MaryO04. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I see that a member of our upper level support team worked with you to restore contacts. Since they were working with you over email and to eliminate the possibility that there is any kind of miscommunication between us and the agent, I would recommend that you reply to the email they sent a few weeks ago so they can work with you further.  

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I submitted this as feedback. So I guess this is being treated as a one time thing. So much for submitting feedback



Hi @MaryO04. I apologize if I misunderstood your feedback. I wanted to make sure that you were assisted properly by our Support team. As Beatriz mentioned above, we are working to improve Contacts and how your contacts can be managed when they are on multiple lists. Keep an eye out for updates!

Can you add some additional fields for sorting contacts? I would like to be able to sort by how recently contacts in a list have opened an email, sort by engagement, and sort by bounces.
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Hi @CNB408. While we are working on a new contact layout that has more customizable columns, segmenting your contacts by criteria might be the best step for you. You can easily find contacts who opened a specific email or any of your last five email and by their engagement level.

Consulting & Training

It would be really useful to me to be able to see a contact list with user selectable columns for email lists. A check mark would indicate if the contacts were part of that list. It would make it very easy to vet lists, and add/remove contacts. Right now, when I review my contact list, I have no indication of which email list(s) they have been assigned to.

It would be fantastic for there to be a "last opened date" column in the contacts table that shows you the last date a subscriber opened an email. It would greatly facilitate cleaning our contact lists. I know that the more names we have, the better for you. But if our lists aren't helping us achieve our goals, the value of your product decreases. Help us!

Dear Constant Contact Staff,


There are two features that would be very helpful for our church that I don't currently find in Constant Contact:

1) A way to see a list of when individual profiles were last updated, as a sort option in the main contact list (not only when they were added). Right now, I have to go in to each individual profile to find this information, and there are times when I'd like to see every contact that was recently updated on one list.

2) A way to print out a list of people who have not opened any of our emails within a chosen time span. Right now, the only way I find this information is to look at each profile individually. Is there a way to do this?


Thank you for your help.


Karen Skarpness, Secretary & Receptionist

Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

4000 28th St S

Moorhead MN  56560


Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @GSMoorhead thank you for sharing your feedback! The good news is our contacts redesign addresses the customization of columns. This feature is available in our New Contacts Redesign experience which we hope to release to all customers. As for printing out a list of unopened contacts, what about exporting a copy of these contacts through our segment feature does not fit this need?

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Please add the ability to sort contacts by custom fields.
I'd like to be able to sort on fields that I add to the display of contacts. For example, I am tracking our donors and would like to sort them by amount of donation. Thank you, Bill Hendrickson

It would be fantastic to be able to change the contact list columns, i.e. display the Email List(s) that a contact is attached to.  I've reviewed a lot of the comments but the replies are 'so sorry', 'I apologize' and the like, which DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR US.  Your apologies and regrets would mean a whole lot more if the problem was resolved.  That would make us, YOUR CUSTOMERS, feel like you actually want us to continue to use your product.

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Every year, at the beginning of our new school year, I have to move each family into their new classroom and change the list they are on. This is one of the slowest, most painful processes I have to do. I do not look forward to it.  It would make it easier if I could see what list(s) they are on when I view active contacts or when I search for their name and they come up.  I have to click on each name to see what lists are there and change them. It takes FOREVER for the site to catch up. I have to wait for the page to reload when I remove a list and then wait while I add a list.


It would be wonderful if one of the choices at the top of the page where the column headings are name, email, company (which I use for their child's name), and LISTS. City and state do not have any relevance for me whatsoever. Please allow more choices on the column headings!


Thank you,


It would be helpful if we could choose to see different columns of data on the contacts page. Please add more field option Also, it would be helpful, once you have created a contact and you are in the contact's detailed view, that you could send a campaign directly from that page. The user interface needs to be more adaptable and flexible thanks
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