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Contact Headers

Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!
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Contacts can no longer be sorted by date added, one of the features I used very frequently
I haven't had time to read the tutorial yet but hopefully it will answer these questions. After I search or display a contact list I don't see how to sort it by date added or the other fields that were available. Also it was obvious how to go back one or two steps but i don't see that.

The default contact list sort is by first name, which for me is not a useful way to sort. Every time I open a list, I have to re-sort it by last name. It would be better if the default sort order was by last name, or if I could set the default sort in My Settings.

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I can't figure out how to look at what I want. I want to sort on date signed up, I can't figure out how to change the columns. Your help is not immediately helpful. This is very frustrating.
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We would like to have the option to modify the columns-from city, state to street name
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You really should have the default setting to list contacts by last name first, not first name. Listing by first name is just silly.
You've removed SO many options for my contact management!!! I can't see my entire lists organized by Sign Up Date - which I REALLY need to do since I get violent threats due to my newsletters... it is IMPERATIVE that I see who is signing up and when so I can protect my list!!! Not only that, but I get half of the info now that I used to on one screen. I have to scroll forever. It is SO much harder and slower to navigate!!!
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can I set my default to be sort by last name? It seems to be set as first name and I have to reset every time I use it.
I preferred when I was able to sort them either by last or first name and I don't need the City/Sate in this view.

Hi Sabine,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. At this time you can control the sort by last or first name everytime you view the list. 

Sort By Name.jpg


Thanks for your feedback on the city/state feature. Would you like to be able to sort by any information or something specific?