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Contact Headers

Contact Headers

Need to have the ability to change header based on need. For instance, in my case cities and states are not as relevant as country. Yet, I cannot change the columns!
Visitor on this page a column should show what list the contact belongs to. This would quickly show me where which web site the contact is comng from. Currently it's useless as I have to cliick a field to see what contact list the person enrolled in. Useless! 50 new contacts. 100 clicks - forwards and backwards!
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I want to change the names of some of the fields ("Company" becomes "School Name", etc), and I want to change what information displays on the Contact Management screen - I need to see all of my fields for all of my contacts, not just name and "company". How do I manage these?
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Before I had phone number in company name, now i need to click to open file just to call back... how can i adjust the view of info which has already been input
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I am unable to see clearly what information is in the first and last name fields. I want to be sure that when I include a reference to the first name in the email, that only the first name is inserted. Right now it is not clear what will be the first name used in the blast. Also, when I see a list, I'd like to be able to pick the fields I'd like shown on the summary screen, so that I can do a quick scan of the field I'm monitoring, in this instance first names.
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It's great that you're implementing the ability to display more contacts per page! We still would like the ability to change the columns to more relevant data, city/state, date added and source are not useful for us either. Thanks!


I have added my vote to this request and urge other users to do so as well.


The current available views (all 2 of them) display only 4 fields,  half of which ( (Date added and source) we rarely use.  This view should be customizable -  as it is in most other email marketing products available.  


The report page needs to have more display option, e.g., job title, company, etc. We use to be able to view those at a glance and now it's gone! Bah!

i need the zip code field option returned please... i collect info from people nationwide at different events nationwide, but send campaigns to specific  regions...

Please return this option...

I would like to have the Company name in the first column.

Hi Carol,

Where would you like to see company name? Are you referring to the first name of your contact data or somewhere else?