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I would love to see a feature where I can designate a different contact list for a contact to automatically be placed in upon completion of an automated email series. This way I can keep my campaigns separated for people in my "email classes" and people who have completed my "email classes". (Not having this feature has become a deal breaker for me, and will be a determining factor if I renew another prepaid subscription or switch to ConvertKit in a few months)
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Thank you for the feedback Nicole.


We don't currently have a feature to assign contacts to a specific list after an autoresponder series has completed.


One thing that we do currently have that might be helpful, is the ability to assign contacts to a specific list, and have that specific list assined to your different autoresponder series'. 

This FAQ might be helpful for you:


If that doesn't fit your needs, I'd love to better understand your feedback so I can voice it on your behalf.




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