Contact Management Search Window Too Narrow

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The search window is too narrow for extra long email addresses. And it will not allow me to scroll to see the right end of the email address. I can use the "arrow" keys on my keyboard to move the cursor to the right but then i can't see what I'm doing. I don't think this happens on my office computer (a Mac Min)i using OSX Lion 10.7 and Safari. But it is happening on my wife's home computer operating Windows 7 and Google Chrome.
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Hi @LeeL03

I am sorry to hear this is happening! I would like to do some testing on our end to see what I can find on this. Can you verify the version of Google Chrome that the Windows 7 computer has? Also, are you just clicking the contacts tab and viewing the list or taking another option?

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It is Google Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 m and it shows as being "up to date".


I'm clicking on the "Contacts" tab then using the search window under Contacts Management.




Thanks Lee. I've done some digging into this for you and have passed along the details to the second and third levels of support to investigate more.


Are you always needing to search by the entire address or would the advanced search link work better in this case?

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