Contact details displays only the first 50 lists after an action

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I had to open in Chrome to see "view" options so I could see more than just the first 50 contacts.

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It's very confusing to be editing mailing lists on a particular contact and have the selected lists seemingly disappear from the contact. Selecting Contacts and doing a new search usually refreshes the list and restores it, but it's disconcerting. Even more disconcerting and also frustrating is when the list of available mailing lists to select is truncated in the pop-up window for selecting the lists. Again, I'm having to select Contacts, do a new search and go back into the particular record to have the proper lists show up. Not sure what's happening, but it appears there's a limited amount of editing that can be done before the website overloads and stops refreshing properly. 😞



Thank you for this feedback. I apologize for any inconvience this may have caused. This issue has been passed along to our engineers and I have opened a case to have you notified when we have a resolution on this. 

Hi there, Sometimes when I go to add contacts, some of my distribution lists won't show. For example, often, any distribution list starting with the letter "p" or later won't appear to be an option. This means I can't add my new contact to any distribution list that starts with p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y,z. Sometimes, I can manipulate the system (so go out, try again, use a new browser etc.) and then then the remaining distribution lists will be visible... but obviously this isn't convenient and I'm assuming this is a glitch in the system. Thank you for your attention towards this.

Hi @OMSMontessori

I am sorry to hear this is happening. We're looking into this issue from our end. Can you help with some additional information?


  • What browser are you working in?
  • What operating system?
  • Can you check to see if your Java is up to date?


If you would like I am happy to leave a case open in your account to have you notified when this is resolved or we will update this thread. Just let me know!





I use google chrome, but if it is giving me trouble, I will try firefox too. My Java is up to date. Thank you for looking into this. The same thing happens on coworkers computers too.

Hi @EdwardD203

I am sorry to hear you are running into this. We're working on getting this resolved but the trick for now is to exit and reopen and you should see all of your lists. I'll update this thread when we have a resolution but at this time I do not have a timeframe to fix.



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I'm in the process of updating contact information and when I go to change the list that the contact is in, it doesn't give me the full list to select from. I end up having to refresh the page a couple of times for it to work. I also ran into the issue of it not saving contact information after I input it. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks
I always have trouble adding existing contacts to a new list. I will do a search on a contact, find and click on them from our master contact list. Then I'll go into their individual info and 50% of the time, I will go in to add a list to their profile and the list does not show up in the list of options. So I have to refresh the page, which takes me back out to the master contact list so I have to search for the person AGAIN and then click on them and next time I go to add them to a list it appears as it should. This happens to me often. Is there a way to prevent this double effort?

Thanks for posting! We're working to get this resolved but for now the trick is to use the favorite star option to flag the lists you can't see or to refresh the page. I'm sorry for the frustration!

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Just to add some more concrete details to this... I've used CC for a while now, and have noticed this for a long time, but keep forgetting to report it.


For whatever reason, it happens in Chrome and I believe Firefox for me - I guess if you have a lot of lists... like we do. When trying to add a contact to a list or lists, it cuts off your lists... apparently after 50(?). You can't even search for any lists after the cutoff point, they just won't come up. AND, the contact doesn't even show all the lists they're on... (meaning, if you're on 5 lists, but 3 of them are after that inexplicable cutoff, you'll only see two lists under that contact. *see the first examples.)


Internet Explorer works fine though. (side note for CC: you might want to check your user base if you're testing on IE. I learned over the past year that Chrome is by far the most popular browser on our site; maybe not the case for you... but maybe.)


Here are some screenshots for comparison:


Chrome example 1:

2017-02-24 14_47_56-Constant Contact.jpg


IE example 1:

2017-02-24 14_48_27-Constant Contact - Internet Explorer.jpg

Chrome example 2:

2017-02-24 14_48_57-Constant Contact.jpg


IE example 2:

2017-02-24 14_48_44-Constant Contact - Internet Explorer.jpg


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If I add a contact to a list, and then want to add them to another list that happens to be further down alphabetically, taking it past 50 lists, I HAVE TO LOG OUT OF CONSTANT CONTACT and then log back in to have those lists past 50 available to me. Come on guys, you've known this for months and you haven't fixed it. It's so shoddy! Then, once I've done that rigamole, I can't visibly SEE that I've added them to another list ... without LOGGING OUT AND LOGGING BACK IN! How do you guys look at yourself in the mirror?

Hi @testt54547


I apologize you’re having this is happening with your contacts! Do you have any examples of who this is happening with? This is something I have tracked in your account as we are troubleshooting this further. However after testing in multiple contacts in your account, I was unable to replicate this same experience. What browser are you working in? Have you tried working in a different browser or a private/incognito window? I also would suggest using the stars to mark the list that is not appearing. Marking these lists as favorite, will make them appear at the top of the individual contact list selector.

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I have called multiple times on this issue and have made changes suggested, but the problem still exists.  

When trying to classify clients while in contacts I do not see ALL of my lists and cannot in any way add a list to a client.  Now, I do not see all of the lists in a campaign and cannot add a list to a new campaign.  This is so frustrating.  I was told it it a "known problem" and Constant Contact people are working on it, but by now there should be a solution since it's been at least a week or two.


Please  give me some information on if and when this will be fixed.

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With our most recent updates to contacts this should no longer be an issue. Please let us know if you find otherwise!

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