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Contact growth report changes

It'd be useful to be able to click the "Growth by Source" categories for a detailed breakdown. For example, if 100 people used the website signup form, which lists did they subscribe to? What are the "Other Apps"? For the "Added by you" category, which lists were added to or created? The graph would be more useful if it could show just organic growth (i.e. not added by me in a big batch upload, which obscures the natural growth rate).


I was looking at my Contact Growth report by going into Contacts and viewing that report. I found it to be very confusing as I only have 400 some contacts in my account. However, it says I have a total of 1588. This is really confusing because it seems to pull in the contacts from the unsubscribe option. This may also be confusing to many of our customers.

I would like to sort growth by the month and actually see the contacts I added during that month so I can contact them directly
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Thanks for sharing this idea, Peter! As a workaround, you can export your contact list and sort by the date the contacts were added. Please continue to vote on this and other ideas you would like to see implemented in the future!
Be able to see that reporting please

Hi Michael,

Can you tell me more about what reporting you are looking for? 


This is great feedback!  Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas.  I have passed on your ideas to our product design team so they can review for future updates.  Please continue to provide us with your valuable feedback and vote for other ideas you think would he helpful!


Please add ability to review bounces including reason across multiple emails. Allow us to designate the last 1,2,5,10 etc emails so we can see trends.
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It would be great if you provided more granularity in displaying the data on the graph in my opinion.


Instead of a running count. It would be a lot more useful if each dot represented the individual growth for the particular graph.


In other words if I select YTD each (dot) month should show the number of members collected that month.

MTD dots should should the number of members collected per day.



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Looking at Reports - Contact Growth; wish I could click through to see details
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Is there a way to make these numbers clickable so we can see what was added and to what list?
I am certainly sorry I can't go further back in the Contact Growth report! I would have downloaded my data at the end of 2014 otherwise. Is there any way to retrieve this data? Thanks.
The insights on growth in my contacts is really hard to track... Even in the reports section I can't see who those new contacts are and where they came from. How am I supposed to be able to analyze what is working and what is not working? For a paid service this is incredibly frustrating.

Thanks for posting this feedback!

Id like to be able to click the 2 with website signup form and be able to see who the 2 new contacts are
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Hi @caseys74

Thanks for this feedback! As a workaround you can sort your contacts by source and date added to see who these people were!




I send eblasts promoting 60+ brands of apparel we offer to our customers.  I am responsible to provide a report back to each of the 60+ mills to tell them how many blasts were sent for their styles, what their average open rate and click-thru rates were, etc.  Right now I can access that report by individual sent blasts, but if I could group all of one brand into a report with overall statistics it would be so beneficial.  For example, we sell XYZ tees and I blast this brand an average of 9 times a quarter.  I'd like to be able to pull a quarterly report for XYZ that shows their eblast activity and response averaged across the 9 blasts sent.   

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Under Contact > Reports you have a growth graph. I think there should be a way to toggle between All Contacts and Active Contacts. I really do not care how many total contacts I have because people unsubscribe and subscribe all the time. I am more concerned with the Active Contacts growth. 




Thank you @TotallyTypepad. That is great feedback and I've opened it for voting.

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I'm trying to do a year end report for 2019 but can't go beyond 90 days.
As we get member update emails, I would like to see the listserves people sign up for and create a dashboard about how our lists rise and fall over time.
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Hi @StevenT935 where in your account would you like to see this dashboard? You currently have the option to view a graph like this through your contact growth report.


Reply from @StevenT935:

I would like to see it when I log in possibly under account performance.

I saw the Growth report you were referring to but it currently just describes contacts in general.

What I’m referring to is the growth of specific lists.


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Please include an option to show only active Contacts Your report shows all contacts, it inflates the #s by 10 to 20% as people do unsubscribe over time
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