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Contact growth report changes

Contact growth report changes

It'd be useful to be able to click the "Growth by Source" categories for a detailed breakdown. For example, if 100 people used the website signup form, which lists did they subscribe to? What are the "Other Apps"? For the "Added by you" category, which lists were added to or created? The graph would be more useful if it could show just organic growth (i.e. not added by me in a big batch upload, which obscures the natural growth rate).

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Under Contact > Reports you have a growth graph. I think there should be a way to toggle between All Contacts and Active Contacts. I really do not care how many total contacts I have because people unsubscribe and subscribe all the time. I am more concerned with the Active Contacts growth. 



CTCT Employee
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CTCT Employee

Thank you @TotallyTypepad. That is great feedback and I've opened it for voting.

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