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It appears you have changed the "Contacts" list. It used to be alphabetical, which is logical. We have hundreds of contacts. Today when I went into the contact list to search to see if we had someone on the list, I see the format is changed - - and NOT alphabetical! Can you please advise if there's a way to make the contact list alphabetical! The way it appears now is very impractical. Thank you.
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Hi @PaulaU06 we apologize for any inconvenience caused from your contact lists not being in alphabetical order. This is a feature request we are collecting feedback on. We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.


Hi @PaulaU06. I wanted to confirm if you were viewing the contact lists through the Contacts tab or when you were adding a contact to a list. You can sort your lists alphabetically by clicking on the column header as seen in the screenshot below. Does this address your question?




How do I get my Contact List back into alphabetical order?
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hi @JohnB1192 are you looking for your lists to be in alphabetical order when viewing your contact lists, or when selecting a list during the process of uploading contacts?


When viewing so I can easily find if someone is on the list. It would be much easier if they were in alphabetical order.


Hi @JohnB1192 thanks for clarifying this! How does sorting alphabetically through clicking the "List Name" header not fit your needs for this?

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