Contacts Quicksend Activity Page

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Contacts Quicksend Activity Page

If I'm quicksending to a long list of folks and get interrupted, I can't tell where I left off. The activity page just says quicksent to 1 contact in a long list of quicksents to 1 contact. The only way I can continue is to look at EVERY SINGLE quicksend to see to whom Iast sent. Pleeeease at least put the person's last name there. Thanks.
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Great feedback @DiversifiedResourceNetwork


I'd love to understand better.


When you are quicksending to a long list of people, are they usually people who already received the email?  If so-- is there a reason you typically quicksend to many of them after they've already gotten it?


If they haven't yet received the email, you may benefit from using our resend feature:



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