Contacts don't display in Add Contacts page

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When I try to add contacts I click to upload from a file button and choose the file from my computer. But contacts in the file don't display in the add contacts screen. I require an urgent help.

HI @SedaC5

I am sorry to hear this is happening-- what type of file are you choosing to upload? Are you able to see the drop down menu for each column?



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I tried to upload an .xls which includes almost 1200 contact details. Only after I disintegrate the file to 10 seperated .xls files, I could be able to upload them all. Would you please explain why is it necessary?


HI @SedaC5

The file of 1200 doesn't exceed any size limitations on our end so I'm wondering if there was something in the original file that was the issue. Did you have any blank columns, or formulas included? Where did the file come from--was it exported from another source?

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