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Thanks for stuffing up the contacts page .. now I can't search for customers based on their email address .. blah!

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Hi @BobbyDean where in your contacts are you looking for the option to search your contacts by email address? Are you looking to search by the full email address or only part of the address?

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Hi, looking at this more closely I see that the search in the 'new' contacts page (with the search on the top right hand side) is searching the list names only, and I have to be in the correct list to find the email address I am searching for, where as in the previous contacts page version (search on the top left hand side) you could search for an email address without having to be in the correct list. Why have you removed this functionality? .. I need to search from the list home page as I don't know which list they are in or if they are in multiple lists. Can you please add this functionality back.


We have two separate 'companies' and one has the old 'contacts which works' and the other has the 'new' which doesn't.


Regards, Bobby

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