I think a really valuable tool would be to add a column for last activity status, i.e., sent, opened, bounced, etc. on the contacts screen, preventing the need to click into each contact when doing maintenance on the system.
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Yes! Then you could delete those who have not opened their emails in a long time! 

Right now there are way too many steps involved in trying to keep track of who is worth keeping on your email list. 


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In the Contact Management view screen, there is a ton of wasted white space off to the right.

Can you please allow a user to select which columns they want to view on the main screen?  Personally, in addition to the last activity status mentioned in the original post, I would like to have Name, Email, Company Name, Source, Phone, Tags, and Lists on ONE screen -- and have each column sortable.  (Or, you could create MORE than just the two "Choose your view" options in the settings wheel!)  

It is very tedious to have to drill into each individual contact to access that data to determine if an update is needed. 

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Maybe add a column under the Contact screen that says if a contact is unsubscribed. Then I wouldn't have to click on it to see. 

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I agree, and I would like to see it taken a step further, where we can edit all the columns visible when a contact list is pulled. For example, I want to be able to see the "country" column, instead of city or state.

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This would be fantastic !!!  opening each individual contact to see if they are opening our emails is extremely time consuming !!  being able to export or have an additional column show regularly would be a wonderful addition to the system. 


is there also a way to choose what columns we are seeing on the contact page ? i dont necessarily need to see some of the already assigned columns.