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There are no good instructions for adding contacts. I looked for a video and did not find one. There should be a link right on the page where you enter contacts. After a whole afternoon of typing contacts into the list I hit continue. After that I had no idea what to do. Then I hit continue and was confronted with a whole page of legal jargon about I don't know what. Scared, I backed out. The end result is that I have lost all of my days work. It was never saved and there is no save button. I'm not new to computers or even Constant Contact.
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Hi @RobW150! I'm sorry to hear that you lost that work you made adding your contacts. I have submitted a ticket to look at adding links to our knowledge base articles on these pages.


In the mean time, you can find this article at which walks you through the different methods we offer for adding in your contacts.

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