After so many years in this area I think you should build better UX for handling contacts lists. Also, for RSVP functionality please fix the fact that time varies in time zones and sometimes you don't need a date end.
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Hi @MelisaB2 what features are you looking for when handling your contact lists? What about our current system does not fit your needs? As for your RSVP action block, are you looking for the time zone to match your event's location? In what cases would you not need an end date for your RSVP block?

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Hi! Great to hear from you. Re: RSVP: yes, time zone that matches the event location will help.
End date: you don't need to duplicate date for those instances when the event only lasts a couple hours. It's cleaner that way.
Re: Contacts: see screen below. Is there a quicker way to create a list from the below page or send a campaign without a pre-set list? Sometimes I need to send emails to a handful of people. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @MelisaB2 thank you for following up with these details. We are opening this feature request so other users can weigh in and vote on your ideas as well.

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