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Hi, as a long time user of Constant Contact your most recent update to removing contacts is horrible! I send a weekly email to our recent adopters, and have to clear the previous week's contacts to upload the new set. Normally, the process is easy and clear. It is clear to me that I am removing them from my New Adopters list, but that they are still in my general list. The new dialog and language is confusing and I dont know the right action to do. You are telling it will effect active and campaigns associated with this list; does this mean that if I remove these people from the list and they have not opened the email they wont get it? Then, you tell me contacts removed will remain in my account but not on any lists. What??? This is just very bad copy writing and what usually takes me a few minutes to do has now confused me and not sure which is the right action to take. Thanks! Shannon
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Hi @ChrisA10 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize for any confusion the wording of the process from removing contacts from a list. To remove contacts you will select contact > Actions > Remove from list. Doing this removes the contacts from your New Adopters list but keeps them in your general list. The message you receive saying "This will affect any scheduled and active campaigns associated with the list," is in regards to any active automated campaign they may be apart of. This does not apply to an email campaign previously sent that they may have not yet opened. While on the other hand "Contacts removed from their last list will remain in your account, but not on any lists" is for contacts that are only under one list. How would you expect this remove process instead?

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