Currency Symbols and Payment options

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We are in South Africa and some of the features on Constant Contact do not work for us. We in the process of running our first event and have found the following problems. 1. Our currency ( South African Rands (ZAR-R) for event charges is not available the currency symbol is “R”. Can this be added ? What is the time frame to get this done? 2. Payment options. Our customers cannot use any of your payment options. Would it be possible to create a payment option called “EFT” and allow us to put in the following fields: Bank Name: Account Name: Branch code: Account Number: Type of Account: This would allow us to fill in our banking details for our customers to do internet transfers into our account. if this cannot be done then give us another option called " other " that opens up a text field for us to type in our banking transfer details. I understand that you cannot track this and we will have to manually check customers as " paid" Please advise? Your system looks great, we just need the above items added to allow us to use create and manage a successful event. Thank you Regards Darren

Hi Darren,

Unfortunately I don't have a timeframe to share on the currency option but am happy to share any information when I can. I can understand the proposed workaround but I would be concerned as to where the information was going if I were the registrant. This could technically be done now with open ended questions on the registration form but it wouldn't be an option in the payment options.

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