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In the new field format I am unable to see all 15 fields for my contacts and it won't let me scroll down through them. Therefore, I can't get to my fields to add the necessary data. The fields reveal themselves in no repetitive order and the new fields I have created do not appear at all (I guess because there is no data in them, and I can't put data in them til I can see them). I have reported this to your staff, but one additional thing I suggest is this. For people who sign up for our enewsletter, I only need them to fill in their first name and last name. But for our yoga teacher training business I need many more fields, such as phone, website, and even a field to enter their marks upon graduation. You have offered the ability to put fields in order for the mailing list sign up, but I also could use the ability to put the lists in order for those customers who I need more data and I don't want all those new people to see those fields (who just want our newsletter). So, the option to have TWO orders to these lists would be great.

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Hello Marion -


The issue you are currently having is being worked on by our engineering team, I am sorry that you are unable to see all of your contact custom fields. We have a workaround that you can try if you have a mouse with a middle button.


It may be possible to middle click the mouse wheel just outside of the drop-down box to enter a scroll lock mode, and use that to move the screen to show the rest of the custom fields as well as the add button, this doesnt work on all browsers however you can try it in the mean time.


If you have any questions please DM me!



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When are you going to fixed the issues with custom fields. This is crazy that you can't tell looking at the custom fields what position they are order to pull them into an email. Also you let us now add unlimited fields yet only the first 15 can be pulled in. And to figure out what position they are in you have to send yourself a single email listing all the fields so that you can tell the values. RIDICULOUS! Also...I previously had used all 15 fields and had deleted some of them to try and make room, but it seems that once used even if you delete them an add a new custom field, that the system doesn't go back in and use any fields in 1 thru 15 that are "blank". So now I'm sitting on the line with support and they are trying to figure out the work around so that I can get the Data I need into a Custom field that I can access. many times do we have to ask to get this fixed? Also...the fact that on the email creation side the custom fields are given generic names of 1 to 15 and you have to know what is in each field is extremely inefficient. It was bad enough in the "preupgrade version" but now it's worse because you have shuffled all the info on the individual email record field so you really don't know how they align. EXTREMELY POOR AND NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY. The email creation tool should use the generic names
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