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Wow, very frustrated with your contact management. It's 2015 not 1995. Give us the freedom to use custom settings. Trying to categorize my contacts by arrival date what contact information has been sent. A practical view of my contacts would have their Name Date of (my choice) and how many times I have all ready contacted them. Why do I need to view their email address on the from screen - name one person who remembers their contacts by their email??? Why do I need to know that I was the person who added them, you have a small business product that most likely is being managed by one person. even if it is not, who care who added it??? Why do I need to know the date I added them - for what use is that??? Seems to me that is only useful when I delete old contacts. I want a product that is useful in gaining future business, I can look up old contacts later. If I had the ability to add the tags and contact information I choose, then I could affectively manage my contacts. Seems to me you what this program frustrating and set up for non-practical use so you can sell additional features. Very disappointed!

Thanks for posting your feedback, @RussR719 ! I responded to your previous post as well about customizing the headers. We know this is important and are working to improve this experience. 


There are a couple of things I want to note- First, we've included who added the contact to the list to help determine if you, the site owner uploaded them or if they used a join my mailing list box to add themseleves. We don't currently show which user added the contacts but this is something that could be included later. Lots of users sort by date added to see who is newest to the list. This is a helpful feature if you have lots of people signing up though external JMML boxes. Sometimes people send customized welcome emails to the new contacts. We know these features aren't helpful for everyone so they are optional.


How are you adding contacts to the account? You should be able to add tags in all methods except "add multiple contacts" > Paste names and emails. This method is meant to be quick and simple if you just need to get the contacts into the account. If you are adding via file, using multiple add in the table format or adding one at a time you can add tags.



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The only feature that works for my timeframe of adding daily contacts is "add multiple contacts".  Then I am forced to go back into the contacts one at a time to add their tags.   I am able to add 30 contacts in a few minutes. But editing tags can take up the entire afternoon. Adding contacts one at a time requires tedious refreshing and going back and forth from page to page.  A simple "Add Another Contact" option would be grand.  What is needed is a time efficient view of the contacts in their sub-categories.  Add a "Next Contact" option.  If I have added 30 contacts today out of which 3 are mission critical, I must create a list of tags for each category.  Advanced search is great, but I don’t want every contact I have ever entered. Sub-Filtering is also great, but I don’t want to create new filters every time I change to a new category or contact list. Why not utilize your custom form feature so we can customize a page view for our own contact lists.  So fare you have everything I am looking for in email contact management, except the basics, the custom feature technology that has been around for over 30 years.  Please give us back the basic control of how we view our data base of clients.  

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