Custom Text Field TOO Short - need longer

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Why is it that your custom text field is so short?


Surely, we should have options? Look at the length of THIS text feedback field?


I cannot work with a tool that is so restrictive.



Here is my chat with your agent:


Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:46:57): Welcome to Constant Contact support. My name is Shweta. One moment while I review your request.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:47:07): Hello, John!
Me (06/09/2019, 20:47:40): Good day! I need to know how to add a LONG text field for a contact-us type form.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:47:56): Good day, John!
Me (06/09/2019, 20:48:06): I see only text and date fields as custom fields, but the text field is very short.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:49:31): I see.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:49:59): Do you mind holding for 1-3 minutes while I gather the information for you?
Me (06/09/2019, 20:50:08): Sure, thanks.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:50:17): Thank you, John.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:52:44): Thank you for being on hold.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:52:48): The feature you are looking for doesn't currently exist within our product. However, we make updates often, and are always interested to hear how each of our customers use the product.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:52:51): What I'm going to do is, add this into our feedback system where we share thoughts from our customers. We use this to prioritize and add future product upgrades.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:52:52): I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
Me (06/09/2019, 20:53:19): This cannot be. I cannot be the only person needing a long text field.
Me (06/09/2019, 20:53:39): Well, you will instantly lose me as a customer.
Me (06/09/2019, 20:53:47): I only signed up today.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:54:00): I understand your concern, I will definitely add this to our feedback system for our developers on your behalf.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:54:12): I am sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Me (06/09/2019, 20:54:22): I see in the event section you can add a long form.
Me (06/09/2019, 20:55:02): Go to this page:
Me (06/09/2019, 20:55:39): Just above 'Date Selector', quite close to the bottom, you will see that you can select either a 150 or 500 character field.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:56:11): The event custom fields are different than the custom fields in "My Settings".
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:56:33): The custom fields in "My settings" are used in your sign-up forms.
Me (06/09/2019, 20:57:33): I don't mean to sound patronising, but this is a fundamental need in an email automation tool such as yours. So, not having it is a serious failure of your team to identify market requirements.

The bad thing is that it would be super easy to add a 500-character text field.
Me (06/09/2019, 20:58:47): "My Settings" gives one option for a text field, which is really short.

If someone is needing to WRITE you a message, which is what YOU have on YOUR contact form (140 characters), it cannot be done. Not good.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:59:06): I completely understand your concern.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:59:08): I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.
Shweta P (06/09/2019, 20:59:23): I will definitely add this to our feedback system.
Me (06/09/2019, 20:59:28): Oh, well. Goodbye to CC!

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Hi @Core2Africa!


Thank you for your feedback, and this is a great product improvement idea. For some further insight, how many characters would you expect this field to hold? 

Hello — We also need this to add an opt-in field for GDPR compliance. Our message should read "I’m interested in receiving email communications from <company name>. I understand that I may unsubscribe at any time." This is 140 characters.


Hi @Bermuda_Business_Development_Agency. Our sign-up tools are GDPR compliant and you should not need to include a custom field to accomplish this task. When a contact using one of our sign-up tools, it is recorded as express permission

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