Customize message on unsubscribe form

We would like to use the permission reminder but find this wording uncomfortable, " You may unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive our emails." This suggests the reader needs permission to stop receiving our emails. That's an invitation to spam us. Can you replace the word, "may" or reword the sentence to say, "Please use the unsubscribe link if you no longer wish to receive our emails."

Status changed to: Voting Open

good afternoon,


i can see no way to change your unsubscribe message online. is this possible?




Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @KarenP93,


Thank you for the great feedback. Unfortunately at this time the Unsubscribe message is not able to be customized. We do have the Update Profile form which you can edit and customize so that it comes up when your subscribers hit 'Unsubscribe', this could potentially be a workaround for you. However, I've opened this idea for voting.


Thank you!

I believe that we should be able to edit the message shown when people want to unsubscribe. We use our mailing list in a variety of ways, and would like clients to know that they are not just unsubscribing from our marketing emails, but also important emails about the trips they have booked.