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One of my lists is an "autoresponder" of sorts...I like to send my customers an email a certain # of days after they order to follow up and let them know "we are here to help". I like to do this whether it is their first order of 25th order. There is only ONE email in the string of "follow ups". I manually add people to this list each week. Previously, I could sort the list by date added to that particular list (vs. just the date they first joined any list of mine or first ordered). With that sort - I could then DELETE THEM from that "particular" list and re-add them when they ordered next. Over 60% of our customers are repeat customers. With recent changes, I can no longer see the date they were added to the list. I can only see that Mary Jane has been with us since 2004, but I cannot see when she was last added to my order follow up list. We have a decent # of contacts, over 10K, and I would like this functionality and visibility back. Can you help bring back what was once a basic feature? Thank you, MS CC user for 10+ yrs.
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To make typing in a list of contacts manually easier, please consider making a tab "Add New Contact" always on display.
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