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I used a fresh excel export for my latest email to our clients. The latest excel export included only the first name of the surviving spouse of one of our deceased clients. Yet, Constant Contact used BOTH first names - the name of the surviving spouse and the name of the deceased, upsetting the spouse. Why/how did this happen? Why wouldn't Constant Contact use the fresh info from my spreadsheet that I imported on Friday? It is very embarrassing.

HI @CharlesB080 

I am sorry to hear this happened, I understand how this is a very difficult situation. Unfortunately if you have existing information in the account for a contact, any new information would only be updated. For example, If I had John Smith in my account under and I imported Jon, the contact would be updated to change the first name with no change to the last name. It sounds like this could be what happened with your contacts as the spouses name would not be removed. 


In situations like this it would be best to edit the contact manuallyand remove the name of the spouse. 


Thanks for posting.

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