Your new system has introduced some words that need to be clarified.  This is because in your previous system these words were very clear.  It is not the case anymore:


In the general Contact Management area, one can click on the name of a contact and then we see the action possibilities.  If we go to "More Actions", we can "quick send" or "delete".


What is the meaning of the term "Delete"?


In your previous system you had two functions:


1. "Do not mail", or unsubscribe.  We understand that when we place a contact in this category, this person would not receive any emails anymore and we cannot return this person to the system. In order to reverse this situation, the contact would need to re-subscribe and to confirm that s/he wishes to receive the emails again.  The unsubscribe function can be done by the contact or by us.  The system would indicate how the contact was unsubscribed.


2. "Removed contacts".  We understand that we can place a contact there, kiind of on a temporary basis.  This contact would not receive emails, unless we move the contact to an active list.


So in your new Contact section you have the term "Delete" - what does it mean.


Now, in that same section (More actions:  "Delete" and "Quick send") there is no way to "unsubscribe" or "do not mail" anymore.


The only way we can unsubscribe is complicated - it is very hard to find how to do it. 


Samara was very kind to explain to me where to find the  "unsubscribe" function, which can only be done from the contact area itself.  And the way to do it is hidden so this is not a user-friendly way to unsubscribe someone.


So when we finally find how to move through the maze, we discover that the option is hidden under the "Permission to send" link that appears close to the email space. 


Ok, so when we get there, we get these options:


1. Permission to send.

2. Unsubscribe.

3. Temporary  hold - don´t email


So the "don´t email" used to mean "unsubscribe" in the previous system.


Please be consistent with the terms and make these actions clear and visible.


I suggest you put a little question mark with their definition and explanation.







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Thank you for this feedback. Having help links could be very useful to some of our users. If you would like to see them added, please vote for this idea.
You can't see if you already put the contact in before any more
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