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I started to delete all contacts in a list, as they had been put there inadvertently or mysteriously. But when I got ready to delete them, this was part of the screen that showed: "Contacts removed from their last list will remain in your account, but not on any lists." (Italics mine.) To me, that says that if I delete them from the one list where they don't belong, then they will be deleted from any other lists. I went to the Chat function and was assured this is not so; that deleting from the one list will not delete them from any other lists. I'm still very nervous about this, as it is 591 contacts and if I lose them, I won't be able to recover them. I suggested to the Chat representative that this sentence be reworded, if what the rep was saying was correct. I honestly don't know what to do. I need them out of the one list, but I cannot lose them in the other lists.

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Hi @BeaWH thanks for sharing this feedback with us! This wording appears when selecting to remove contacts from a list rather than deleting it from your account completely. We apologize for any confusion it may have caused. What type of wording would you rather see instead? 


"Contacts removed from their last list will remain in your account, but not on any lists," means you are only removing the contacts from the list you have selected. For instance if your contact Emily is on List A and List B - when you select to remove them from List A, they will still remain on List B. However if Emily is only on List A, when you select to remove them from List A and not delete them from your account entirely Emily will remained stored in your contacts but unattached to any list.

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