Deleting and reloading contact list

We need to be able to delete our present contact list and reload a list without your system reloading old data not need any more. Example: we stopped using city, state addresses and wanted to just have first, last names, email address, home and mobile phone. When we reloaded that data your system reloaded the city, state addresses from your saved file.

We need an option when we delete to delete all and retain none of the old info, so we can reload our changed files without you reloading not need data.

I understand unsubscribed email and you put them back in the unsubscribed mail list.

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Hello @BarbaraK185,


Thank you for this feedback. To clarify, have you removed this data from the Excel file you're uploading as well? If not and it is still on the file, you can also select which columns you want Constant Contact to bring in:

Are you able to specify where exactly the issue is occurring? Do the above steps help at all?

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There should be the ability to completely erase a contact list so "the system" does not fill in fields with information that needs to be purged!
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