Determine Difference between Actives and a List

Was showing 435 active contacts and 431 in a list where I want to send eMails to all contacts. Couldn't find the "missing 4." Would like an easy way to be able to look at all in the active to manage their list assignment. Work around with help from Monique in your support was to export Actives to Excel then import to my 2013/14 list. Thanks to Monique for the assistance. Still interested in a means to manage the lists. BTW, your new contact updates are very good. I also like that a multiple contacts can have the same eMail (for a parent who signs up a child and has the child use their email address - a BIG improvement from your old capabilities!). - Brent

Hi Brent,

Great idea, thanks for sharing. I am glad to hear she was able to help you sort this out, feel frree to reach out with any future questions too!


I'm so glad to hear you like the updates--child email addresses is a great example! Keep sharing what you like, we would love to hear it!



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