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Hello! Having a different welcome email for different lists would enable me to customize a free gift for a subset of my overall subscribers so they receive this immediately instead of waiting a day with the autoresponder. (And thank you for the additional autoreponders!) This also would help me build my business. I hope you will consider this. Thank you.
I need to send different "Welcome" emails that are customized based on the interest of the recipient. Auto-responders that have to be sent 24 hours laters is not helpful. I need to send the different "Freebies" for signing up, immediately, not 24 hours later. One single welcome text for all my lists is not custom enough.
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The way your system is designed does not allow for the proper sales funnel setups. Each list should have the capability to generate a welcome email specific to that list not a generic one. Also, you need add more flexibility to Auto-responder scheduling. The scheduling should include more granularity like hours rather than just days. We've been customers for years and I'm going to seriously have to consider switching to another service if this is added very very soon.
I don't use the custom forms sign up function because I can't customize different sign up letters depending on the contact list the sign up for. A generic welcome letter is ok, but I could really use the CC functionality to its fullest if I could customize our response to our contacts' actions and registrations.
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And to keep the autoresponders available for all lists.
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It is really frustrating that there is only one possible welcome letter at a time. Since we can run various campaigns, each campaign needs to have its own welcome letter. It is enough to make me change providers if you can't resolve this. Using AutoResponders instead doesn't really help as it takes 24 hours to get an email out that way. For most people 24 hrs later they forgot they even asked and won't follow through. In our instant world it must be instant. Multiple welcome letters and autoresponders that work within a few minutes are critical. If those cant be available soon I will have to change providers to find someone who does have them.

Yes, I too need to have customized welcome messages for each list.


Currently in our company, we are managing different projects, and each project has specific group of contacts, customers, prospects.


Autorresponders by lists are cool, but we also need the capability to customize welcome email messages for each list. 


This will make it easier for us to keep everything under one account...

This is essential. There should be way to customize the welcome email for each list sign up! I have several businesses and the welcome email needs to be specific to what they just signed up for! This is quite behind the times that you can't do this! Change please....

BUMP. this is essential. Please consider adding this feature. We are a nonprofit that runs several campaigns and it simply does not work to have one single welcome message for all of our lists. That's a fundamental reason we segregate lists: to communicate in the way our audiences want to hear from us, not one-size fits all which can often feel like spam.


Not allowing custom welcome messages and autoresponder emails by list -- added to prohibiting control over the sign up form -- is very outdated.


Please consider these requests.


Hello, This is not a happy email. You guys have let me down big-time. I have been a user for years and I have recruited new customers for you. I always said I would stand by you because you were one of the oldest email marketing companies. The problems started with the auto-responders, because the interface is so bad, and apparently you don't care because a year later nothing about them is better. The real problem is that I need to be able to have separate lists that don't cross welcome emails, and you do not even have the ability for me to keep my list separate from each other so they can sign up separately, receive separate welcome letters and autoresponders. And even if I try to make your system work for me, it's absurd what I have to go through to get it to work. The dashboard interface is terrible. The autoresponder interface sucks. And these are the core, basic part of your business. Apparently you are busy developing other parts of your business and you have lost sight of the key basics. And I want you to know that this is the reason I will be switching email marketing providers in the new year and taking my referrals with me. I'm really disappointed because I recruited for you guys for years. And I am going straight to my sight right now to take that badge down. Apparently I have made a mistake in thinking that sticking with the oldest and most established business in the niche was the best thing to do. Not sure what else to say, except that this is not how I was hoping to spend my time in the new year. Christina Katz

HI @Writers_on_the_Rise

I am sorry to hear of your experience but appareciate the feedback. You will see I merged your comment into a thread of people who want multiple welcome emails as well. This feedback is brought to the attention of our development team so if you have any additional ideas please post them!


I did just want to clarify one thing--you can now turn the welcome email off and use different Autoresponders based on list instead. 


Thanks Hannah - BUT here's the issue: 


The Autoresponder doesn't go out for an entire day!  You should enable those who turn the Welcome Email OFF to send Autoresponders sooner than 24 hours.  That really defeats the purpose of having multiple lists here.  Are you working on fixing this?????


Any resolution on this? I'm thinking of moving also because of this issue.


Bump. Also need this function. May need to switch providers if this simple function cannot be accommodated. 


Ditto. Can't find a resolution to this anywhere online. Planning a switch. 


Agree with the group here.  It is extremely limiting to have only one welcome email option.  Our business is a local yoga & Pilates studio and our welcome email features the studio inof and branding, welcoming new students to our email list.  We're now creating a separate website and email list for the studio owner who, in addition to teaching at the studio, also travels and teaches at events and conferences in different locations.

When someone signs up for her email list, particularly at an out-of-state event, it would be confusing to receive a welcome email from a studio they've never heard of.

Waiting 24 hrs for an auto responder to go out is ridiculous when we're all so used to receive confirmation emails within minutes.


Please, please, PLEASE consider changing the time frame for auto responders or allow for different welcome emails to be used for different e-mail lists.

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