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Difficulty with tags

Difficulty with tags

You CANNOT BE SERIOUS... Your Tags system is so lame and "1974" that I'm shocked. You provide the ability to import a spreadsheet with a column heading of TAGS yet the Tags from the Import do NOT go to the manually created matching Tag Folders. What insanity is this? Provide an import but NOT act on the Import? Apparently the total of hours spent on this, 4 on my own over the weekend and 90 minutes this morning, to UNDO all the work already accomplished because your primitive Tag DELETE routine - actually locks the screen for 6-7 minutes for each Tag deletion. I had to open 10 TABS in my browser and start to do the delete on all Tag folders, wait 7 minutes for all ten, instead of the 70 minutes it would have taken. This is quite possibly the most intensely inefficient thing I've seen in the last dozen years. How hard could it possibly be to READ the Tags column in the CSV file, create the Tag Label and add the tag to the contact. I can tell you how long... A LOT LESS THAN THE EIGHT HOURS I WAS FORCED TO USE THIS MESS. Now, the remedy is - get this... I have to tick a checkbox on EVERY CONTACT, and assign that contact to a Tag... Insanity... In any of my 37 companies, someone would be fired.

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FOUR HOURS - to deal with 2,172 records... WOW... could there be a worse programmatic solution than the Tags handling system? Choice were: Break the master spreadsheet into 43 individual spreadsheets prior to Import, then painstakingly Import them one at a time into each Tag Label. Take the path of ticking off every record, 50 records at a time - BUT needing to wade through up to 22 screenfuls of 50 at a time before being able to select the next 50 to assign. It would have been 6 hours, but upon reaching the half way point, I had to go to the last record and start working backward 50 records at a time, wading through screenful after screenful, but at least using that trick, allowed only up to 21 screens to wade through. instead of up to 42 screenfuls before getting to the last set to Tag. PAINFULLY, HORRIFICALLY, AWFUL, and WICKEDLY INADEQUATE PROGRAMMING. Outrageous!

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Thank you for the feedback @MargaretH05,


Sorry to hear you had such a frustrating time working with our tags feature.  I agree that there are definitely improvements that can be made to that feature.  I want to understand your feedback a little better.


When you imported your list with tags in the tags column, did you have multiple different tags in that column of your spreadsheet?  Also-- had you created the tags in your Constant Contact account prior to the import?


I'm trying to better understand what went wrong here so I can share your feedback.


If you resend to new subscribers but tagged certain addresses to not receive the original message, be warned that (at least as of yesterday), the exclude information is not included when you resend.


Unfortunately, 500+ customers who were deliberately excluded from the monthly newsletter distribution received it yesterday. I thought I was sending to 1 or 2 people when I hit resend.


So far, I have only a few opt outs but am anxiously awaiting spam reports and angry customers. I was able to confirm that it was nothing I did wrong by calling support.


I won't trust this function again.

CTCT Employee
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