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Display changes to contact under engagement history

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If I change a contact's email address, the record of the bounces of the old email address should be erased in the engagement list.

If I notice that an email address is incorrect and therefore has caused our emails to bounce, when I correct the email address there should be some line of demarcation created in the "engagement" list that shows a new email address has been entered from this point/date forward. The way it is currently, when I correct the address and then go back into the engagement, it looks like that email address is bouncing. It's too much to have to look for dates. Just have a line on the engagement list that says, new address entered and the date so it demarcates between old engagement and engagement based on the new address.
Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @CharlesM89  thank you for sharing this feedback with us! A feature like this for your contact engagement is a great feature request. We are going to open this post so other users can vote and weigh in on it as well.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @CharlesM89. This is a great point and I can see how it would be useful with making sure that the correct information is shown for the email address. I'll open this idea up for voting. 

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