Don't like new feature of adding company records

I recently discovered, through hours of investigation, cleaning-up, and finally chatting with your support help (who was very helpful) that you added in a "feature" that creates a separate company record when I upload new contacts via file. These extra records don't add any value and it makes it very difficult for me to keep tabs on our databases because now the numbers don't add up (active + unsubscribed does not equal all contacts) and the extra records are not easy to find or delete. I see this as extra work, and frustration with no added benefit to our company. We have no need for blank records with just a company name. I see that it's a way to see all the people who are affiliated with a company, but if I want to do that I can just do a search on the company name and get all the records that way. This adds no value. I just wanted to give my impressions of this new "feature" and hopefully it can be improved to something that does add value or eliminated so we don't have these extra blank records filling up our database.
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