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Duplicate Contact Handling

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Would like to see the ability to cross-reference 2 different lists and identify duplicates across different lists without merging. Example: If I have a list for Youtube influencers and another list for Instagram influencers, I would send different emails to each group but I don't want a single person to receive the similar email twice. Implementation would look like this: User clicks the check boxes next to the lists. Drops down the action list and selects "Check For Duplicates" A result screen pops up with either "No Duplicates Found" OR A column listing all of the duplicate profiles, with other columns to the right with check boxes. There would be one column per list selected, and the user would have the ability to tick the boxes or untick the boxes to quickly select which list(s) to add or remove each contact from. Contact: List 1: List 2: List 3: John Doe John@Doe.com X X
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Hi @AndrewK850 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! Just to clarify, are you selecting more than one email list on a single campaign? Or sending similar email campaigns to each contact list separately? The good news is our system is designed to send an email campaign only once to each contact if more than one list is selected when scheduling a single campaign. Our contacts segment tool also allows users to pull a list of contacts based on their list membership. Does creating a segment help fit your needs?

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