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Ease of finding contacts to remove/delete

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In an attempt to clean the contact data base I search a specific email campaign and look at the stats and the # of bounced contacts. In this listing you provide a "Recommended to remove list". Often as I review each list I see that contacts have already been deleted - perhaps from an earlier contact cleaning by me for a different campaign. These are shown with a strike-through the contacts email address. It is difficult/time consuming to search the recommended list because they are listed alphabetically - even though they may have been deleted already. For example today I examined a list with approx 450 recommended for removal. Because of prior efforts to delete contacts many of the names were already deleted ..... BUT I did find 3 contacts in the list to remove. I'd like to be able to sort this list so that those contacts who are still active, but are recommended for removal, are listed at the top.

Thanks for posting this feedback-- are you picking and chooseing the contacts you want to delete with every campaign?

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