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I keep getting emails about updates CC is making... However the one thing I TRULY want from Constant Contact is an easy to use/implement "subscribe to our newsletter" button for our website. The forms CC currently offers are huge, bulky, and don't fit at all into our brand/the theme of our website. They don't come in a format small enough to fit in the footer of every page and honestly make it embarrassing to even feature a subscribe option on our website.



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Hello @MargaretR571

Thanks for reaching out to us with this idea! Is it mostly the size of the button that you wish was pre created in a smaller format? Would you prefer to toggle between different buttons and use the one you like?

Depending on how you build your website would a link to a signup form work so you could create the button on your site and link to the form? Instead of using the button option I wonder if the option to get the form url would suit your need better.


I personally would like the button. I already have a beautiful form embedded into the website, now I just need the button to make it work.

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We do not currently have plans to provide additional customization of our inline forms or the sign-up button included in them. As a workaround, you can use the URL for a landing page and create a button outside of your account that best matches your branding, such as Button Factory and insert it onto your site.

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