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Please allow the confirmation messages to be editable. The message is not relivant to the form we are sending.

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Hi @TamarRalaK

Thanks for posting! Can you help me understand what you are working on when this confirmation message appears? Are you working in an Event or on a sign up form?



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Hello Hannah,

The form is sent as a request to our contacts to update their profile. They have already signed up to a list.

The confirmation message may be a bit confusing. Plus, the submit button says "Sign Up". Again They have already signed up. Can the button name be edited?


Thanks for responding! It sounds like you are sending the signup form again to these people. In this case the button would say "Sign Up" and can't be changed. Did you know there's an Update Profile form in the account too? This form would have a button that says "Update Profile" instead. Check it out in your account by clicking List Growth Tools > Update Profile Form. 


As a side note, I'll make sure your votes count toward customizing the sign up form confimation and forms! 

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It would be great that when we receive a credit card payment if the confirmation could also indicate a short description of the Event name instead of just the date and ID number. 

Members of our lists are forwarding our campaigns to their own email lists. Recipients of those forwarded emails are unsubscribing the sender unintentionally. I have two requests: 1. figure out how recipients of forwarded campaigns don't unsubscribe on behalf of the sender. 2. Allow CC users to personalize the automatically generated email that sends when we resubscribe contacts via their profile. Thank you!
I am trying to edit our "Confirm Subscription" email and CC will not allow me to use the TM after our corporate name in the From: Line, however, in the campaigns, it does allow me to use our TM symbol. This would be a useful change in future version. Thank you.
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