Editing Bounces

I find a bounce I want to edit. I click on the address and it disappears. Now I don't remember what the address was, so I can't fix it. You should be able to edit in place. The incorrect address should be editable. The way you have it, I have to retype it, if I can remember it. Your solution would be for me to write down the incorrect address and then retype the correct address.
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on bounced email list, emails are lined thru, if you click on name to correct email it shows nothing. you have to look up contact individually then go in to correct. Support line (Judy) said I had chosen to remove them, although I did not, there is no explanation.
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Thanks for posting this feedback, I understand how this could be frustrating. Please continue to share ideas for improvment in the future!

Why when want to edit a bounced contact it removes the entire e-mail. I now have to copy and paste back to make the changes. very time consuming
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