Editing or Removing Bounced Names

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Editing or Removing Bounced Names

If I look at the list of bounced names for a particular campaign, I am presented with the opportunity to edit (pencil icon) or remove (trash can icon) the name(s) I choose.


The pencil icon offers the opportunity only to edit the email address. If I want to edit the person's name, I cannot unless I click on the name, which takes me to the person's profile page. There, I can edit any field relating to that person.


1. Why doesn't the pencil icon take me directly to the profile page?


If, under the same circumstance, I click on the trash can icon, I'm presented with a message that offers to "unsubscribe" that person. However, if I do that, that person does not appear on the unsubscribed list, which lists only those who, themselves, unsubscribed.


2. You need to have a list (called something else) of people we cause to become unsubscribed.


3. Finally, you should make it clear that we are billed on the basis of "active" contacts, not "all" contacts.

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