Editing the "Update Profile Email" - please vote this up!

The Update Profile Email is too limited in editing options. Please allow us to adjust the witdh of the header image so that it can be as wide as the body text. I would also like to eliminate all that white space between the header image and the "Greeting" that remains after changing the "Title" and "Border" color to white (only way to get rid of them). The current design is severely outdated and I hesitate to let my customers see it as I don't believe it shows my company in a good light.

Using this email is the only way that Contacts can add or leave your Lists as they prefer, without you having to do it.

Thank you

Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the great feedback @WeSellPlants.




Occasional Participant
In the update profile disclaimer, the text uses the word "member" to describe the user who is on our email list. This is problematic because in our organization, as in so many others, a member is a person who pays a monthly membership fee and enjoys discounts on events. This creates confusion in the mind of the email list subscriber wherein they claim to be a member when they arrive at an event. Please change this wording to eliminate the word, "member." Instead, you could use, "you belong to the email list."
We would like to request a new feature on the Update Profile Form. We'd like the option of putting descriptive text below each Email List name.
I don't see a place to change the color of the button on the "Update Profile" landing page. I've seen it in other areas though. Please advise.
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I'd like to be able to update the verbiage - to perhaps: Unsubscribe to never receive emails from Bluffton University; Update your profile to select emails to receive.
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