Email Addresses that are Not Getting Emails No Matter What We do to Fix the Problem

Greetings. I am writing to report 2 email addressed that are not getting our emails: (it says it is suspended, but we correspond with this email often) (this is part of the staff here; we tried taking it out and putting the email address back in, but all emails are not reaching this email address) Can you help?

Thanks for your feedback,


The could be bouncing as suspended because they could have unsubscribed themselves from something in the past, causing them to now be removed. We can remove them from that block as long as they send you an email giving permission for us to remove them from the block so they can receive emails from us again. 

As far as the other address, is a "role address" meaning Constant Contact won't send emails out to role addresses because they go out to multiple recipients.Check out this FAQ on role addresses to see other addresses we do not send to.

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