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Account: OronoSPA. Many of our clients use Mediacom as their email provider -- this is evidenced by their email extension of "@mchsi.com" or "@mediacombb.net". Until recently, I never had a problem emailing these clients – emails were sent and received without any issues. Then, ~6 months ago, Mediacom emails were reflected in the Email Report as "bounces" in the “other” category – these bounces were reflected on the Email Report shortly after the email was sent. It was then necessary for me to use our non-profits' email account to manually enter the "bounced" email addresses, and send the email separately to our clients – this is a manual and time consuming process. Within the past ~1 month, these "bounced" Mediacom email addresses don't appear on the Email Report until several days AFTER the email was sent. This is not a viable solution, as our subscribers are now missing timely important. It is important for our non-profit to have the ability to communicate with our clients in a timely and effective manner. Ensuring that Constant Contact can communicate effectively with our Mediacom subscribers is VERY important to us. I've previously gone through the process of sending select clients the standard Constant Contact email about filters, IP addresses, etc. and including the specific Constant Contact "messages" for the emails. This has not resolved the issue. Given the many changes Constant Contact has been going through, I believe this is likely a "bug" on the Constant Contact side. I would truly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue. Our Constant Contact rates are increasing, yet my ability to communicate with our subscribers seems to be decreasing. I do like the way Constant Contact works – easy to use, ability to customize, looks good on multiple devises, etc. – however, I need the ability to communicate with all our clients. The inability to communicate with our Mediacom subscribers has become a big issue – especially now that these emails aren’t reflected as “bounced” until several days AFTER the email was sent. This truly inhibits our ability to provide timely communication. I look forward to a resolution. Thank You for Your Assistance!
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Sorry to hear you're having trouble getting your mail delivered @OronoSPA.


I'm going to have someone reach out to you to help see if we can figure out why these emails are bouncing as 'other'. 

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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