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Please provide the ability to segment tags more within lists. Currently there are 2 options ... 1) Send to Contacts Tagged with .... 2) Don't Send to Contacts Tagged with. It would be awesome if we were able to use both "conditions" when sending a campaign rather than creating multiple more lists. The issue we are running into is multiple customers are tagged in multiple locations and on multiple lists. Tags are the easiest way to segment them IF they get more specific on targeting.
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We have tried sending emails to say 5 email lists and then use the "send to contacts tagged with" function to shorten one of the large email lists (but not apply this limit to the other 4 email lists). Apparently this function is not available as it limits the email to just those with the tags (whereas I am trying to send it to just those with get tags plus he other 4 full email lists). Is this a planned feature to be added?


There are plans to introduce more segmentation options when sending and managing lists, however we're not sure yet if it will segment only a single list when choosing multiple. The best way to go about that currently is to use the Advanced Search to create a separate list with who you want to send to. However, this is good feedback and I will pass it along!

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