Email blast stats: the list of Opens repeats same recipients over and over instead of just once

I just checked the stats on a recent email I had sent. The main stats page said there were 90 unique Opens of my message, out of 344 emails sent. When I clicked on the number "90" to see the list of all people who had opened my email message, the list page said there were 241 Opens. When I browsed that list, I discovered numerous recipient names that were repeated again and again and again, at different time stamps, sometimes just minutes apart. In the previous version of Constant Contact, all I would see was a list of the 90 UNIQUE recipient names that opened my email, not ALL opens that one person might have performed. That's what I want! I only want to see the UNIQUE 90 names -- once per each recipient -- and NOT all 241 opens performed by 90 people. I've been tracking the typical open and RSVP responses for the events I advertise, by recipient. These stats were much more useful before. Can this be modified to show me only UNIQUE opens, once per recipient? Thank you for your consideration.
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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. I apologize for the confusion here. While this page may initially show you the list of "All' Opens, there is a way to switch the view to "Unique" Opens. When you are looking at your list of open, there will be a gray toolbar at the top of your list and there is a button on the right side of that toolbar that will say "All Opens". Clicking on this button will allow you to switch the view to Unique Opens, now allowing you to see the information that you are accustomed to. I hope this helps to clarify this issue.



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