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Email suppression from list to list

I cannot understand why you don't offer the ability to suppress one list from another. ie. - I want to send an email to our master list however I don't want some of the people to receive the email as they have already bought our service at a different price point. I uploaded a list of these people presuming I can simply select the master list to send to and then select my suppression list as 'do not send to these people'. I have just been told I will need to copy our master list and manually delete the people I don't want the email to go to!! Unbelievable!!! This is not good practice.
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Hi David, 

Thanks for this feedback. We do allow up to 1000 lists in your account so you can segment the list however you would like. 


Another idea for you would be to use Tags. This would allow you to send to your master list and then only send to the people with a specific tag, like those people who have not yet purchased. 


Take a look at this FAQ for more information on using tags. 


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