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Exclusion Lists & Help via email

Exclusion Lists & Help via email

Hey there! It would be great to have an efficient way to create exclusion lists. The tag system is a cumbersome process to go through when the goal is to simply send an email to List A, but exclude anyone who is also on List B. If a checkbox-to-exclude feature became a reality, you'd have a lot of happy customers! (I did search the "Constant Contact Community" when trying to find out how to exclude a list BTW.) 


Also, why don't you have a simple "email us" button somewhere? There's a tweet option, a call option, etc., but since ya'll are in the email business.... you know...


I didn't necessarily want to post this particular message to the entire "community" but I couldn't find a way to just email my exclusion list request to your developers.




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Yes, I cannot believe this isn't an option on Constant Contact. I've had it available in other mailing platforms.

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I really like the product but can't believe you can't suppress a list during the sending process. I have a big list but am always needing to exclude subscribers and patrons from that list. The system needs a way to select lists to not send to just as it has options for who to send to
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I would love to be able to create new lists by subtracting one list from another. It happens often that we want to send a similar email to specific audiences, but with slightly different text (i.e. Thank you for your donation last year vs Thank you for being a member) This means I need to edit the lists so that a person who is a donor and a member receives only one email. I would love to be able to do suppression within Constant Contact instead of having to export to excel to create entirely new lists. For example, Send Email A to Donor List. Send Email B to Member List minus Donor List.
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Thank you for the feedback! We currently offer this functionality with tags and being able to include or exclude by tags on the scheduling page for your campaigns.


You can find more information on this on our Knowledge Base.


In your scenario, you can have your Members List and tag all your contacts within that list with a Donors tag. If this isn't the specific functionality you're looking for, please let us know!

Status changed to: Open Questions

Thank you for the feedback! Can you provide me with a little more detail as to what you're trying to achieve? Our system requires you to select all lists you're wanting to send to, so if there is a list you do not want to send to, you can leave that unchecked.


This has long been one of my biggest complaints and wants from CC. It is amazing to me that they still do not have this feature!  I send out emails for an upcoming event with a registration link.  I want to exclude anyone who has already registered, but removing that email manually from all my lists is unreasonable. So people who have already registered end up getting multiple emails and some of them register more than once. Simple suppression functionality, where I can upload a CSV of emails NOT to send to, would solve this!

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Are you kidding? Constant contact doesn’t have this? 


Yes, badly needed!!


110% agree. This is so badly needed.

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