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Exclusion Lists & Help via email

Exclusion Lists & Help via email

Hey there! It would be great to have an efficient way to create exclusion lists. The tag system is a cumbersome process to go through when the goal is to simply send an email to List A, but exclude anyone who is also on List B. If a checkbox-to-exclude feature became a reality, you'd have a lot of happy customers! (I did search the "Constant Contact Community" when trying to find out how to exclude a list BTW.) 


Also, why don't you have a simple "email us" button somewhere? There's a tweet option, a call option, etc., but since ya'll are in the email business.... you know...


I didn't necessarily want to post this particular message to the entire "community" but I couldn't find a way to just email my exclusion list request to your developers.




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I agree, just started using CC, and I have to say using it sucks big time

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 Is there a status on this? I agree, badly needed. 

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Agreed! This needs to be updated. For now, I have to scrub emails myself. An cumbersome and unnecessary step with suppression functionality. 

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Dear Constant Contact Admin, your question shows you don't understand Exclusion / Suppression lists.  This is very basic email marketing concept.  You guys are Constant Contact.  You must know what this functionality is.

Hi Constant Contact, 


You should really look into list exclusions. Sometimes, a person may be on our main list, but because they've already donated to a campaign, we would want to exclude them from our mailing. If you're unclear about what we're asking for, check out one of your major competitors: iContact, which has this feature readily available. 

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I absolutely agree that a List Suppression capability is needed.  It is extremely cumbersome to have to wade through my list of contacts manually to alter the lists to exclude people who have already responded to my next mail blitz.  Managing the contacts list is cumbersome with the scrolling necessary to wade through the entries.  I also wish that we were able to sort by tags.

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How is this STILL not an option?! Crazy. The tag option is nice....but only if you have less than 10k contacts? Come on.