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Exclusion Lists & Help via email

Exclusion Lists & Help via email

Hey there! It would be great to have an efficient way to create exclusion lists. The tag system is a cumbersome process to go through when the goal is to simply send an email to List A, but exclude anyone who is also on List B. If a checkbox-to-exclude feature became a reality, you'd have a lot of happy customers! (I did search the "Constant Contact Community" when trying to find out how to exclude a list BTW.) 


Also, why don't you have a simple "email us" button somewhere? There's a tweet option, a call option, etc., but since ya'll are in the email business.... you know...


I didn't necessarily want to post this particular message to the entire "community" but I couldn't find a way to just email my exclusion list request to your developers.




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Please we really need this Exclusion Feature.  It's a basic List Pull function.   Constant Contact is best of breed out there.  How can you not have this basic function? We need it very badly.   -- Kay, Boston, MA


Suppression lists are a 101 feature of any commercial email platform.

Could somebody from CC explain why they have decided not to offer this feature?

This has been asked for many many times over many years.


See here for a thread from 2011!

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I can’t tell you how embarrassing it is to use Emma and Mail Chimp with capabilities like anchors and list exclusions and start working with a client that needs both those things, I tell them we can do it and jump into their Constant Contact and those simple functions are not there. 


Here is what we need - we have a general interest list we constantly add to. Sometimes the boss wants to send the newsletter twice in a two week period after new contacts are added. I want to make a list of people who opened the first email and put them on an exclusion list. Then, click General List, exclude former clicker group. This is super simple on Emma. 


I’m a consultant and I’m THIS CLOSE to telling them to switch. 


How would I export ppl who opened an email? I don’t see the open folks as a click - just successfully delivered and bounced and unsubscribed, but not plain open. 



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Would like to echo the sentiments regarding the need for exclusion lists. This would also be useful for when syncing contacts with DonorPerfect. That way, if a contact is on one list but I want to exclude them if they're also on another list - I can do so without having to make several compound filters. If you're unclear about what the Constant Contact Community is asking for see this help article from iContact's system which does feature exclusions:

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I agree- this is absolutely needed and would make emailing an even easier process. It would be helpful if I could just make a new segmentation of contacts by saying they are part of List A, AND they are NOT part of list B. My specific issue is that I want this email to go to everyone in a specific industry which I made a  custom field for (list A), but I don't want it to go out to the people who are already signed up to attend our webinar (list B ). If Constant Contact customers have been asking for this for years...could you make it happen?


We segment a lot of our emails with different characteristics. Being able to exclude by tag is helpful, but we have to make sure our lists are up-to-date AND that the tags are applied properly. There is a lot of room for error and it would be helpful if we could just exclude by a list or by a segment. Currently, the only option is to exclude by tag.


I would also like the option to send AND do not send simultaneously. For example, we do re-engagement campaigns. If someone doesn't open an email from us in 90 days, we want to exclude them. But if we're doing a regular campaign, we may need to include a segment. Need the option to send to one group and not send to another.

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Having a feature in Constant Contact that allows us to compare list and/or apply some type of rule or filter would be great. Most times we send out campaigns/newsletters that require registration, it would be helpful if we could filter out those who have registered without permanently removing them from the list, so that we don't continue to send them the same campaigns/newsletter. For example a rule or filter could be I want LIST A, except for those who are also on LIST B.


I know several people have made this suggestion but it doesn't seem like its been implemented, and I called to double check.