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It sure would be nice if the clicked exports maintained the same column structure to allow them to be imported into a system without the need to adjust them each time. Please consider having all columns in the exported file regardless if there is data present or not. I have a system I built where I am uploading/importing (or trying to anyway) these "leads" and it's impossible to upload if the exported file isn't uniform. Thanks, Chris Couture
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Thanks for posting this feedback. Can you tell me more about which fields you are not seeing match up? One difference will be that in the click report it will only include one type of email address, where as an export of all the contact information could include 3 different types and addresses. This is because you would have only sent to one of those addresses, not all. Which columns are you having to adjust when re-importing?


Thanks for your help!



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Any field that is missing information.  i.e., if one customer out of 2000 has their state filled in, then state column will show.  If no customers have state filled in, the field will not show and the entire column will be missing from the exported file.  This column needs to show even if it is empty in order to maintain consistancy.

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