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Export Errors after importing

Once I uploaded my list and sent my email out using constant contact. I had 238 import errors. Is there any way you could make it so we can export these bad email addresses? I had to do it manually and it took some time. I think an export tool that would allow us to upload the list will help accuracy of list management. Janet Taylor Duke Clinical Research Institute


Is there a way to export specific "activities" under the "contacts". There are essentially e-mails that I imported that had errors and I would like to export those errors.


Hi Mara,


When you click on the Export link under the Contacts tab, you can choose to export the information that you imported.  Then you can correct those errors and then click on the Add & Update button under Contacts to re-import with the updated correct information.


I hope that helps!


Occasional Participant

I have the same question.  I understand I can export the list I imported, however I want to export the list I see under "Contacts>Activity>Activity Details (regarding the import I just did)".


Is this possible?


Hi Monica,


This isn't something that our system has the ability to do at this time.  You could copy/paste the content into Excel and then sort the columns. 


Here is the FAQ on how to sort the columns in Excel.


Sorry I don't have a better answer for you! I will submit this feature request to our developers on your behalf!

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Thanks for the quick reply.  I think I am going to have to copy and paste into Excel. I was just hoping there was a faster way!


Thanks again! 


You're welcome! :smileyface:  I already submitted the feature request on your behalf too! Hopefully it will be something that we implement in the future!  Keep those great ideas coming!


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There seems to be no way to export name and email address for all contacts that have been imported with some error in the email address. Correcting the error in Constant Contact's database won't keep me from importing the same error again. The name/email list (of errors) would be used for someone to correct the info in our system (the source of the email addresses, of course).


Hi @ElderlyInstruments 

Thanks for sharing this feedback. You can view and correct the errors from within the account by clicking "errors" on the left panel. Have you tried this out?

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