Exported Bounced Report doesn't match On-line report

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When there are 2 email addresses for a contact, the exported Bounced Report only shows the 1st email address as being bounced, even when it is the 2nd email address that is no good. Please update the Engagement note to show which email address is bounced when there is more than 1 email address & correct the format for the Exported report to match the on-line report.
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Thanks for posting! You're right that the entire contact will show in a bounce report even though only one address belonging to that contact bounced. In this case you would need to manually look up the contact and the email addresses to see which address needed to be removed. This is great feedback for the future!

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There hasn't been any traction on this in 2 years. If this is still an issue/request, please create a new post.

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