Exporting reports - Show the campaign name and report type in activity list and/or export file name

Title says it all. I go and export opens and bounces lists for several campaigns. Then I go to the activity list and have to be very careful and remember in what order I exported them because there's no identifying information to link it to the campaign.

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Thanks for posting this feedback!

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+1, how come this wasn't addressed?

That was four years ago. I've learned it's not worth my time to contribute any more suggestions. I just work around whatever they throw at me as best I can. In this case I maintain a very strict work flow in order not to mix up the lists. I've considered using the API but it appears to be a huge investment in time and effort to get what I want. I have automated my CRM integration to a large degree but I keep myself in the loop to deal with getting data in and out of CC.
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